Mad audio encoder for OSX and GUI-wrapper

Download binaries of Madplay for OSX including a simple GUI-Wrapper.

Mad is a high Quality Open-Source Audio encoder Library. It encodes mp3, mp2 and others to aiff or cdda and others. This is particulary interesting, if you want to edit a mpeg file in quicktime or import an mpeg into FCP or DVD-Studio. Due to reasons only known by Apple, Quicktime wont let you edit a muxed mpeg, also export of a muxed mpeg to another movie format is impossible.
So, what you have to do is: demux the mpeg into its audio and video-Streams, then Convert the audio (most times mp2 format) to aiff. Export the Video to mpeg4. Then again make a Quicktime movie with sound by using the "add scaled" option of Quicktime pro. Afterwards save the movie either self contained or with dependencies. You then are able to edit it with any quicktime aware application.
This is where mad is needed - convert the mp2 to aiff. For demuxing use tools like bbedmux or mpgtx.

Download the madplay binary here . This includes the commandline application and a GUI wrapper which is drag and drop enabled to easy convert a mpeg audio file to aiff.

If you like to compile mad on the MacOSX Platform yourself visit the homepage of: mad. The wrapper I made should work with any madplay in /usr/local/bin.

Eine deutsche de-flag Version dieser Seite gibt es hier.
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