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This page has rather old content. I dont use the website very much. But I will not delete it. I hate links which suddenly do not work any more due to a new version of a website.

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Kunden-Support / Customer Support
Midnight Commander 4.55 for OSX port
A short howto for setup Nat + ppp + Nameserver on OSX
Port of mpegcut 0.8 and mpgtx-1.2 to OS9
mpgtx 1.3 for Mac OSX
mad audio encoder GUI wrapper for OSX
A special! Mozilla 0.9.8 for XDarwin, which means Darwin as platform, X-Windows as the GUI.. - outdated
Alert for OSX:A simple Application, executable from the commandline which makes popup a message on the users Screen.
Source is here for your convenience.
With alert and this smbpopup script for OSX, you can make your Mac respond to "net send" messages like a Windows PC. Now you also can enjoy messages while surfing the internet and having your firewall off like "Danger, your Computer is insecure, immediately buy product xyz !". On the other hand, its a good thing to have this in a mixed Windows and Mac environment in your home or office. Install the neccessary software by opening a terminal window and type:
cd ~ ; curl http://www.biermann.org/philipp/OSX/instsmbpopup.sh -o instsmbpopup.sh ; sh instsmbpopup.sh
Send yourself a message with:
echo "testmessage" | smbclient -M
of course, that works to a windows machine too as long as the messenger service is running there. You might have to write:
echo "testmessage" | smbclient -I ip.address.of.machine -M netbios-name
if the connection fails using only the -M option.
New 2003-01-12 su-gui An application which will start a root finder from your normal account without loggin you out.
New 2003-03-06 eudora-spamcop A small Apple-Script which will redirect a message in Eudora for Mac to spamcops Spam-Submit System. Spares you the hassle to click BLABLABLA, copy, paste.... With source, in case you dont trust the executable. Spamcop is an organisation fighting internet-spam. Click on the link to visit their site.
2004-07-30 Tuxracer for MacOSX Binary with sound
If anyone is interested in a photo of me, click here and enjoy.
2004-11-10 patched pppd for MacOSX which can improve the VPN connection using OSX built in VPN client to some ( draytek ) VPN devices.
2005-04-19 HowTo make a Windows 2000 or XP disk bootable on different hardware without having access to the original system.
2012-08-05 Adobe DRM encrypted epub format is junk
2014-01-20 Stop script execution in /tmp to secure your server